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Universal Can Opener

  • $19.95

6-In-1 Universal Can Opener

Use the 6 Ways Universal Can Opener to easily and safely open all types of cans,bottles and jars.  Use it for cutting, twisting, gripping, breaking seals and more!

Universal Can Opener -The Only an Opening Tool You Need In Your Kitchen!

  • Lid Lifter - open tin lids 
  • Ring Puller - pull bottle tabs on your soda cans. 
  • Jar Popper - break jar seals 
  • Screw Cap Opener - open wine bottles
  • Bottle Cap Opener - open soda bottle caps
  • Cutter - cutting hard-to-open cans

This multi-purpose can opener is an eco-friendly tool made of high quallity plastic and stainless steel. It is durable, compact and easy to carry around for travel or camping. 

This all-in-one kitchen tool is not sold in stores. Click ADD TO CART to order yours now!