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Ionic Hair Brush

  • $27.95

Managing & Straightening Your Hair Is Now Super Easy With Ionic Hair Brush! 

Do you know that our hair has positive and negative ions? 

Brushing removes negative ions from your hair and as a result the positive ions in the strands repel each other resulting in static and flyaway hair.

The Ionic Hair Brush releases negative ions back into your hair to restore the balance and make your hair shinier, smoother and more manageable! 

Ionic Hair Brush Features:

  • Bond with hair to smooth out split ends.
  • Lock in moisture to hair strands resulting in a shinier and softer hair.
  • Dry hair faster by causing water to fall to the shaft faster.
  • Reduce hair drying time so you’re less likely to end up with burned hair.
  • Bring back negative ions to help eliminate frizz and static.
  • Compact, portable and easy to clean. Powered by 1 AAA battery (not included).


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